Gorgeous Oriental Ceiling Lamps from Ghalia

What is the main benefit of a ceiling lamp? Modern ceiling lights are made so that you do not see anything, in the sense of, no wires, cords, central box, this can all be eliminated, and the ceiling lamp looks like it one with the ceiling.

The offer includes Arabic, Moroccan, Egyptian ceiling lights.


remove_red_eye Oriental Ceiling lamp Azima XL

Ceiling lamp or wall lamp Azima Oriental atmosphere with classic oriental lamp-Arabic pattern

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€ 299,00
remove_red_eye Oriental Ceiling lamp Azima L

Ceiling lamp or wall lamp Azima Oriental atmosphere with classic oriental lamp-Arabic pattern

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€ 199,00
remove_red_eye Oriental Ceiling Haifa

Ceiling or wall lamp, Oriental Mood Light with lots of pinholes without motive

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€ 109,00

An Oriental Ceiling Lamp (ceiling lights) for Kitchen, Hall, Dining, Bedroom, and for everywhere!

Originally,oriental ceiling lamps were hung only in bathrooms or toilets. Nowadays, with the current interior trends, ceiling lights can in principle be hung everywhere. The Ghalia ceiling lamp can therefore be placed, for example in the living room, but also the kitchen, hall, dining room or bedroom, wherever you want.

In the past only boring ceiling lights were available, purely focused on the functional aspect. But today there is also a lot of choice in this area. Think of Art Deco, antique or baroque style. Here at Ghalia we focus entirely on Oriental style ceiling lights.

Oriental: Arabian, Egyptian and Moroccan ceiling lights

What exactly does this mean, ceiling lights, specifically oriental? Oriental does not necessarily mean from the geographical east. Implied are exotic countries (compared to Europe), countries where interior pieces are still made by hand, countries where much time and attention is spent on lamps, countries of origin with a long tradition of lamp craft. Most Ghalia lamps come from Morocco and Egypt. These countries produce phenomenal ceiling lights. If there is a world championship 'making eastern style ceiling lights' then we know for sure that Morocco and Egypt would be in the final to make a sport analogue. But other countries where beautiful lamps come from are also India, the Middle East and Asia. Even though we speak more of an oriental ceiling lamp in the latter case.

At Ghalia you can purchase in a nutshell:

  • Moroccan ceiling lights
  • Egyptian ceiling lights
  • Turkish ceiling lights
  • Arabic ceiling lights
  • Oriental ceiling lights

You can also find certain type of ceiling lights, think of:

  • Filigree ceiling lights
  • Mosaic ceiling lights

In short, you can say that Ghalia is a specialist in separate, unique, handmade, ceiling lights. For everyone who wants something different than boring, atmosphere lacking ceiling lights.

Relation to other types of lamps

The light projection of a ceiling lamp is usually even, so that the whole room is well lit up. The ceiling lamp also reflects light against the ceiling and thus your entire room is illuminated. One specifically opts for a ceiling lamp, when the ceiling of the room in which the lighting is to be installed is too low for a hanging or pendant lamp. A hanging lamp would then hinder people walking through the space. In that case, the ceiling lamp is the so-called 'way to go'.

Interior pro tip: with a ceiling that is much lower than would normally be desirable, you could opt for a floor lamp. These serve to make the ceiling, optically speaking, higher than is really the case.

Good to know:

  • All ceiling lights that can be found on this page are handmade in designer studios.
  • Literally every ceiling lamp sold is unique. If you buy the same model twice, still the second lamp will be a little bit different (not in terms that it would be damages of imperfect, but as stated, every lamp is crafted by hand, natural small variation will occur therefore).
  • Taste can be disputed but all ceiling lights will give a boost to atmosphere, whatever room they will be placed in.

If you buy an Oriental Ceiling Lamp with a price above 150 Euro (about 130 GBP), there will be free shipping.