Mosaic Lamps Increasingly Popular in Modern Interior

Lamps are a very important part in a modern interior. A lamp is not only a light source, but also functions as art and has a very large influence on the atmosphere within a room. Oriental mosaic lamps are also becoming increasingly popular in Western Europe. Due to the fact that more and more people are traveling, people also come into contact with other cultures and other interiors that belong to these cultures. The Mosaic lamp is a good example of this. A beautiful Oriental lamp that we see more and more often in Western European interiors.


remove_red_eye Mosaic Lamp Ahmar

Spherical Mosaics Lamp Red

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remove_red_eye Mosaic Lamp Alwan

Spherical Mosaics Lamp Multicolour

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remove_red_eye Mosaic table Lamp Misbah L

Spherical Standing Mosaic Lamp Multicolour

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remove_red_eye Mosaic Lamp Shafaf

Spherical Mosaics Lamp Transparent

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Mosaic Lamps are Atmosphere-Enhancing Artwork

Like many Oriental lamps, the mosaic lamps are also a work of art in themselves. With all small stones in various colors, no lamp is the same. The colors that come off the mosaic and shine into a room are very atmospheric and sometimes even mysterious. With a mosaic lamp you do not just get a lamp, but a lamp that brings a soothing oriental 1000 and 1 night atmosphere.

The mosaic lamp is an asset to any interior

At Ghalia you will find lots of Moroccan, Turkish and other mosaic lamps in different colors and sizes. There is a room in every interior, in which a mosaic lamp is an absolute asset. Create peace in the bedroom or add extra atmosphere in the living room with one of the beautiful mosaic lamps of Ghalia. Look around the shop and discover the wide assortment of various mosaic lamps of high quality.

High-quality material use and each lamp 100% unique

All mosaic lamps from Ghalia are made of the finest materials and also hand made, making the lamp that you get in the house is also 100% unique. The quality of the material used ensures that you are not faced with surprises. The mosaic is very good and firmly glued. Because top materials have been used, the mosaic treatments on the lamp will always remain intact and not just let go or fall off. All mosaic lamps are supplied complete with light switch.


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