Moroccan Wall Lights with Functional & Atmosphere Enhancing Effect

Moroccan wall lights are increasingly being seen in various interiors. This type of lamp not only functions as a light source, but has more to offer than a luminous function alone. The choice of an Oriental wall lamp often has to do with the look of the lamp, the colors that the lamp gives to the room and the fact that you not only get a lamp, but also art. The Oriental wall lamp also has a positive influence on the atmosphere in each room.


remove_red_eye Oriental Ceiling lamp Azima L

Ceiling lamp or wall lamp Azima Oriental atmosphere with classic oriental lamp-Arabic pattern

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€ 199,00
remove_red_eye Oriental Ceiling lamp Azima XL

Ceiling lamp or wall lamp Azima Oriental atmosphere with classic oriental lamp-Arabic pattern

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€ 299,00
remove_red_eye Oriental Wall lamp Faida

Pear shaped Egyptian Pendant

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€ 96,00
remove_red_eye Oriental Ceiling Haifa

Ceiling or wall lamp, Oriental Mood Light with lots of pinholes without motive

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€ 109,00

Atmospheric Type of Moroccan Wall Lights That Takes Up Little Space

The Moroccan wall lights are a beautiful example of a very atmospheric type of lamp, with which you can beautifully illuminate a room without having to change the interior of the room. Because the wall lamp takes up virtually no space and is subtly hanging on the wall, this is a type of lamp that is becoming increasingly popular. The light in this type of lamp not only shines off from the lamp into the room, but also reflects directly on the wall. By using the material in Oriental lamps, each wall lamp also has its own identity and the color of the light source and reflection on the wall differs per lamp.

Handmade in different designs

Our wall lamps are handmade and have different patterns and mosaics incorporated into the design. The oriental wall lights from Ghalia are an asset to any interior and can be used functionally, for example as a bedside lamp in the bedroom, but can also be used very well as an extra mood lighting, to accentuate a certain color and atmosphere in a room. Discover our wide range of Oriental wall lamps and let yourself be inspired by the endless possibilities that you have with these lamps.

Available in all shapes and sizes and easy to assemble

All our wall lamps are available in different sizes and variants in wattage. For each interior you will find a suitable lamp at Ghalia in the right color, shape, design and size. There are types in a cylinder form, where the reflection on the wall and in the room is different than with an Moroccan lamp in a crescent shape. You yourself choose the mosaic or copper processing and the pattern on the lamp through which the light shines. All our wall lamps come with a switch and are very easy to mount on the wall yourself.


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