Oriental Ceiling Lamp

for a Mystical Oriental Atmosphere in The House

You may have seen an oriental ceiling lamp in a restaurant that you thought I would like to have at home. It is also possible that you have encountered this type of lamp on holiday in countries such as Morocco or Egypt. There is good news because these unique and fantastic lamps are now also available at Ghalia. With an Oriental ceiling light, you get a warm atmosphere and a '1001 night'. experience in the house. Who would not want to dine under the warm light of this beautiful lamp above the dining table or dream away when looking at the mysterious patterns that this lamp can create over the bedroom ceiling.

remove_red_eye Oriental Ceiling lamp Azima L

Ceiling lamp or wall lamp Azima Oriental atmosphere with classic oriental lamp-Arabic pattern

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€ 199,00
remove_red_eye Oriental Ceiling lamp Azima XL

Ceiling lamp or wall lamp Azima Oriental atmosphere with classic oriental lamp-Arabic pattern

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€ 299,00
remove_red_eye Oriental Ceiling Haifa

Ceiling or wall lamp, Oriental Mood Light with lots of pinholes without motive

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€ 109,00

Age-old Atmospheric Oriental Ceiling Lamp Now Also Trendy in The West

The oriental ceiling lamp is emerging in Western interiors, but in countries such as Morocco and Egypt, it is already centuries old and can not be overlooked from the interior. The oriental lamp is sometimes also referred to as filigree lamp. Filigree refers to the word filigree, which means silversmithing art and is linked to this type of lamp, because of the recesses and patterns that have been artistically placed in the lamp and provide a special effect. Because of these patterns, the lamp is more than just a normal light source and the Oriental ceiling lamp creates an ultimate mystical atmosphere, which is accentuated not only by the appearance but also by the light patterns on the ceiling. You can play with the strength of the pattern on the wall or ceiling, for example by choosing a softer colour light bulb or brighter colour LED light. Of course, this depends on the space and the purpose you want to use the lamp for.

The Oriental ceiling lamp is becoming increasingly popular and fits in every interior

The reason that the Eastern ceiling lamp is becoming increasingly popular in Western Europe is of course because it is always easier to travel and because of this people automatically come into contact with other cultures, countries and also interiors. Nowadays, interior design is approached more progressively at all levels and not everything necessarily needs to be more in the same style. It is increasingly popular to alternate modern components with classic and old components or interior items. This is one of the reasons why an Oriental ceiling lamp fits well in almost any interior. The lamp brings a unique atmosphere with it and also creates a beautiful contrast between age-old culture and modern design. View the range of Oriental ceiling lamps from Ghalia, be inspired and decide which ceiling light fits best in your interior.