Wholesale and Project Designers

Dealers , Project Designers and other suppliers beware!
All products by Ghalia Home Accessories and Oriental lamps are available on the wholesale and B2B channels of Ghalia at reasonable prices (internet shops excluded ). Find out more on the prices and terms of delivery.

Of course, we deliver our Egyptian lamps, oriental lamps and other products and position them for your projects. The lighting creates such an intense atmosphere that these can serve as a theme and starting point of a whole project and styling. Ask us about the possibilities and advantage prices

Ghalia Home Accessories Wholesale

Egyptian filigree lamps and home accessories can serve as a starting point for an oriental atmosphere and lighting in restaurants, hotels , restaurants and cafes. But also in a Bed & Breakfast.  Ghalia is also here for your projects needs.
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Ghalia shop during Summer

»Sale goes on
»Processing and shipping takes longer
»If you keep hanging around in the shop there may be a discount! smiley

»Subject to the period 26-07 / 26 - 08 2018

In 2019 we will produce more often than before and so the lead times should be moderate if your product of choice is no longer in stock.