Turkish Lamps in 1001 Colors, Very Attractive

Turkish lamps are lamps with a coloured glass mosaic. The hanging lamps, Pendants,  floor lamps and table lamps all have in common that they give an atmospheric pattern of colours on your walls and ceilings. These mosaic lamps come in different shapes, from round to elongated and in all colours of the rainbow. There is a Turkish lamp for every kind of interior.

Do Turkish lamps come from Turkey?
Turkish glass mosaic is an art form that is already a millennium and perfected in and around Constantinople; the current Istanbul. It was the Byzantines who pressed the glass in different shapes and intense colours. They used fine white sand from Kumburgaz, about 55 km from Istanbul. They made everything from this beautifully coloured glass; glasses and bottles, mirrors, ornaments and of course lamps, with a mosaic of small pieces of coloured glass.

The Byzantine Empire has fallen, the Ottomans have come and gone, but in today's Turkey, the glass industry still lives. The knowledge and skill, patience and creativity required for making Turkish lamps are still used every day in many small studios in Istanbul. Fortunately, because now we can still enjoy the atmosphere of the Turkish lamps.

remove_red_eye Mosaic Lamp Ahmar

Spherical Mosaics Lamp Red

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remove_red_eye Mosaic Lamp Shafaf

Spherical Mosaics Lamp Transparent

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remove_red_eye Mosaic Candleholder

Mosaic candle holder in Set of 3. Each candlestick is unique. The set is based on the supply spread over colors and shapes together.

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remove_red_eye Mosaic table Lamp Misbah L

Spherical Standing Mosaic Lamp Multicolour

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The magic of Turkish Lamps

Turkish lamps and cheap Moroccan lamps are simply an enrichment for your living room, whether you have a sleek and modern interior or a completely oriental decor. Choose a Turkish lamp in a colour that best fits the rest of the interior, or in the same colour as other highlights in the decor, or contrasting colour so that the lamp is extra noticeable. Keep in mind that a Turkish lamp is not intended as work lighting, but purely as a piece of art that can transform the atmosphere in a room into timeless magic.

Handmade lamps from Turkey
Turkish lamps are made by hand in small workshops in Turkey. Each lamp is a unique piece of art made of glass. A glass shape is blown and used as a substrate for the lamp. On it are pieces of coloured glass attached, cut from a larger piece of handmade coloured glass. If the entire surface is covered with a mosaic of glass, the joints are filled with an adhesive. After the whole is smoothly sanded, handmade brass or copper holders are attached to the top and bottom of the lamp. The entire lamp is handmade and this takes a lot of time.

A good Turkish lamp is made of real glass, with bronze or brass holders and is therefore quite heavy. The colours of the mosaic are deep colours in clear glass. And the mosaic of Turkish lamps has no pattern. There is absolutely no plastic in an authentic Turkish lamp. To avoid having to buy a cheap fake lamp from China, you buy Turkish lamps at Ghalia. We bring the lamps directly from the craftsman to the customer, without an intermediary. So you are not only assured of authentic Turkish Lamps of good quality, but you also help the local artisans in Turkey.