The Moroccan Pendants & Oriental Egyptian Lamps

Bring warmth, atmosphere and colour into your interior with beautiful Oriental Pendant Lamps from Ghalia.

With the oriental Pendants from Ghalia every Interior feels like a home. Add a vibrant lighting and temperature and increase the atmosphere with these Gems of the Orient.


remove_red_eye Oriental Wall lamp Faida

Pear shaped Egyptian Pendant

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€ 96,00
remove_red_eye Mosaic Lamp Azraq

Spherical Mosaics Lamp Blue

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€ 129,00
remove_red_eye Mosaic Lamp Ahmar

Spherical Mosaics Lamp Red

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€ 129,00
remove_red_eye Mosaic Lamp Alwan

Spherical Mosaics Lamp Multicolour

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€ 129,00
remove_red_eye Mosaic Lamp Shafaf

Spherical Mosaics Lamp Transparent

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€ 129,00
remove_red_eye Oriental Lamp Sinai M

Onion shaped oriental lamp

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€ 139,00
remove_red_eye Oriental Lamp Faya XL

Oval Pendant Egyptian Faya with silver wiring

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€ 349,00

The Oriental filigree lamps

Through the thousands of pin holes the Project a beautiful display of light on ceiling and wall. This Egyptian Oriental lamps are manufactured in small workshops in the Souk and Medina's of the Egyptian cities. Filigree is a common term for these lamps, Oriental lamps from the Ghalia brand are made of copper or brass and silver plating. The Oriental filigree hanging lamps are a jewel in your interior.

Feature colourless cabling and an E27 or E14 socket, the chain is about 65 cm. The smaller sizes Oriental Hanging lamps are not equipped with a chain but are attached by means of a strain relief for the wiring for a minimalist effect. Oriental, Oriental, Egyptian and Moroccan Ghalia Hanging lamps come in various shapes, sizes and motifs. 

Opening at the bottom
(nearly)All Ghalia Oriental Hanging lamps have an opening at the bottom (round) to enable you to make to change a light bulb but also to have some light directly. This is not always clear to see in the product pictures, but is indeed the case!

Moroccan Pendants

The Oriental, Arab, Egyptian and Moroccan Pendants lamps are available in various types, sizes, materials (copper or brass) and motifs. 

Whether it is a spacious living room or the cosy hall; the oriental lighting optimizes the atmosphere in every room of your home. Hang a nice large oriental hanging lamp solitary or attach the lamps in a cluster at different heights, for a dramatic effect. 

Use one beautiful lamp above the dining table or create a spectacular dining area with 3 or even 5 oriental hanging lamps in different sizes. The unique design of these Oriental Pendants with sometimes thousands of holes, makes every room a magical place.