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Oriental lamps

With a beautiful Oriental lamp, you increase the atmosphere in your living room, bedroom or anywhere in the house. Such a lamp quickly gives you the idea that you are in a real Eastern souk. On my website, you can choose from different types of mysterious Eastern lamps. The great thing is that you don't even have to negotiate about the price: it is directly there. In this article, I will take you into the wonderful world of Eastern lamps. I explain how they are made, what the typical characteristics are and what models there are.

How are Eastern lamps made?

Making Eastern lamps is still a real handicraft. In small workshops in cities like Cairo (Egypt) I have seen with my own eyes how these lamps are produced. The employees are usually illiterate professionals who have been practising this profession for generations. Although it is true craftsmanship, these people can barely make ends meet by selling their lamps. Every Eastern lamp is made entirely by hand from the beginning to the end of the production process. I, therefore, pay a fair price to the supplier for my products. Because there is no middleman, I can offer these lamps on my website for a good price.

My Eastern table lamps
The Eastern table lamps that I purchase are made of cold-forged brass and are then silver-plated. These lamps are available in various forms. This is how I sell: onion-shaped models, columns and models with small legs. All lamps are characterized by the so-called "filigree technique". This means that thousands of holes ensure that a beautiful diffused light is created. Of course, an Oriental table lamp does not have to stand alone on a table. My Oriental table lamps also look great on a (night) cupboard or just on the floor. Experiment yourself with the appearance of Eastern lamps by placing them in different places. By placing several lamps you can also create beautiful effects. The possibilities are endless.

My Eastern hanging lamps
The Eastern hanging lamps that you can buy on my website, almost all have an open bottom with a diameter of 15 to 20 centimetres. This not only makes replacing the lamp very simple, but it also creates a bright light with a beautiful play of light. Of course, my Eastern hanging lamps were also made using filigree technology. These lamps contain 1500 to 6000 small holes that provide a diffuse and atmospheric light. My hanging lamps are very easy to attach. A chain is supplied with every lamp so that you can easily hang the lamp on the ceiling. With the smaller hanging lamps, the cord itself is enough to attach the lamp. My Eastern hanging lamps are also available in different models. They are for example in a spherical shape, onion shape or as a UFO.

Which lamps can you use?
All my Eastern lamps have a small (E14) or large (E27) fitting. In the past, traditional light bulbs and energy-saving lamps were used a lot, but that time is over. Nowadays it is best to choose a halogen or an LED lamp. The advantage of an LED lamp is that it is very energy efficient. The disadvantage is that it cannot radiate exactly the atmosphere that suits an Eastern lamp. I always recommend taking an Eco Halogen lamp. Because this lamp is very small in size, the distinctive diffuse light from the Oriental lamp is perfectly reflected. Of course, it is always a matter of taste which lamp you choose, but the Eco Halogen lamp is highly recommended.

What do we mean by the filigree technique?
Many of my lamps, if not all, have been produced using the filigree technique (also known as "filigree"). Because this technique is so characteristic of the Eastern lamps that I am selling, it deserves further explanation. In principle, filigree means that you open the metal, creating a hole. If you repeat this often enough, thousands of holes will appear in this way. By making these holes in a certain pattern, you get the beautiful diffuse light that an Oriental lamp radiates. All these holes are made by hand. It may well be that not every hole is exactly in the same place, but that is precisely the charm of these handmade Eastern lamps. No Oriental lamp is alike and you always buy a unique copy.