Moroccan rugs, where do they come from? How are they made?

The most beautiful carpets in the world are probably from Morocco. They have been woven there for centuries and they look beautiful with unique patterns and colors. A real Moroccan carpet is therefore in no living room. The popularity of authentic Moroccan rugs has increased enormously in recent years. We are therefore very happy that we can offer these rugs and other Moroccan textiles in our webshop.

The history of Moroccan rugs

In the eighth century AD the first Berber tribes settled in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. This is where the tradition of self-weaving and knotting carpets begins. The Berbers use these rugs as protection against the cold and moisture. In the Atlas Mountains, covered with snow in some places, it can be quite cold. The long hairs of the rugs form an insulating layer that keeps the body warm. Tribes that live closer to the Sahara weave flatter and lighter rugs. This is to adapt to the weather conditions in the desert where there is of course much more heat.

Moroccan rugs: traditional use

The rugs are traditionally used on both sides. The knotted side is therefore used to cover the body and the smooth underside is used to lie on in the summer. In addition, the rugs are also used to cover the bed. The rugs are also used as self-decoration and grave rugs. Some of the rugs are also used as saddle blankets. In short: Moroccan rugs were used primarily in the past for useful purposes. Only later did commerce start and at this moment the rugs are mainly made for sale.

What are Moroccan rugs made of?

The Berbers who settled in the Atlas Mountains centuries ago keep sheep. These little sheep roam the rugged mountains and belong to an age-old breed. The wool from these sheep is used to weave and tie carpets. The Berber women still tie the Moroccan rugs by hand with the wool of these sheep. The tradition of weaving carpets is passed on from generation to generation. In nine out of ten cases, it is the Moroccan women who tie the rugs. The techniques for manufacturing the rugs are therefore passed on from mother to daughter.

How are the Moroccan rugs made?

All authentic Moroccan rugs are made by hand. First, the wool is spun into yarn. The yarn is then washed in large boilers. You can then start manufacturing the rugs. The Moroccan women first put the wool on a loom. The threads are then woven through and knotted. In this way an authentic Moroccan rug is slowly but surely created. Finally, fringes are made at both ends of the rug. The width of the looms is a maximum of three meters. Buying an authentic rug that is wider than three meters is almost impossible. In terms of length, it is of course possible to vary.

Moroccan rugs: the patterns

No Moroccan rug is the same and unique in its kind. The reason for this is that Moroccan women choose their own patterns and do not follow fixed patterns. They process important events and experiences as patterns in the rugs. They often work with the symbols of love, nature, birth and happiness. But also stories in the form of personal beliefs and life in the countryside are processed in the rugs.
Moroccan rugs / Beni Ourain rugs: meaning of the patterns
It is difficult for us outsiders to say what the exact meanings are of the patterns if you want to buy a Moroccan rug. For that you should ask the women in the Atlas Mountains who knotted the rug. Unfortunately this is usually not possible. We can indicate approximately what the patterns on the Moroccan rugs mean. Diamond shapes that overlap each other, for example, symbolize crossing the paths of the people who made the rug. Anyway: you always buy a Moroccan rug that has been worked on with all soul and bliss.

Moroccan rugs: the basic colors

Moroccan rugs basically contain the same colors as the fur of the sheep. This means that the main color is a kind of off-white or ivory white. The fur of sheep is not completely white. So if you can buy a completely white Moroccan rug, you immediately know that it is not authentic. In addition, black and dark brown colors are also used in the rugs. The black wool naturally comes from black sheep. The dark brown color comes from the head of the sheep.

Moroccan rugs: other colors

Yet there are also Moroccan rugs for sale that have colors such as: purple, blue, red, orange and yellow. This k
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