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You may not immediately think of the Far East when hearing Morocco, but you can certainly buy beautiful Moroccan lamps that give the same Eastern atmosphere. These lamps are in no way inferior to Eastern lamps from, for example, Egypt or India.
How are Moroccan lamps made?
The Moroccan lamps are made in small artisan workshops that you can find everywhere in cities such as Fez, Marrakesh. Marrakesh is the city where most of the lamps are transported to be traded here. In the small "factories", making Moroccan lamps is still handicraft that is usually carried out by the entire family. This often concerns people who are illiterate and who have been working as a lamp maker for generations. They have the craftsmanship of paramount importance. Unfortunately, the yield that these artisans have from their Moroccan lamps is hardly enough to make ends meet. That is why we pay a fair price for our lamps.
What does a Moroccan lamp look like?
If you compare Moroccan lamps with other Eastern lamps, you don't see any similarities at first glance, but there are indeed. Oriental lamps are all known for their refined technology, but the Moroccan lamps are just a bit coarser in structure and patterns than other Eastern lamps. You can see this mainly in the chandeliers of Moroccan descent that are all just as coarser and larger. Also in terms of colors, the Moroccan lamps often look slightly different. Where Egyptian or Indian lamps are often fitted with gold and silver, the Moroccan lamp is more often made of antique bronze.
Moroccan hanging lamps
Our Moroccan hanging lamps have a beautiful oriental design that brings your home directly into Eastern atmospheres. The Moroccan hanging lamps are therefore available in various versions. Of course we have a spherical lamp, but there are also Moroccan hanging lamps in the shape of a drop, onion, oval and pear. In addition, we also have attractive Moroccan ceiling lamps in our range. All our Moroccan hanging lamps have an open bottom, making it very easy to replace the lamp itself. Of course, the open bottom also provides a nice atmospheric appearance. Attaching a Moroccan hanging lamp is no problem at all. Usually it is possible to fix it to the ceiling with the cord itself. In addition, you can always use the supplied chain. This is especially useful with heavy hanging lamps.
Moroccan table and floor lamps
With a Moroccan table or floor lamp you create a very different effect in the room than with a hanging lamp. If you take a large version of this lamp, for example, it immediately fills the entire room with the Eastern atmosphere and appearance. You can also choose to place several small lamps next to each other in a corner of the room. These lamps also come into their own on bedside tables. In essence, the possibilities to create an authentic Oriental atmosphere with table or floor lamps from Morocco are endless. Moroccan table and floor lamps are also available in various designs. For example, there are columnar models, onion-shaped models and models that are equipped with legs. Whichever model you choose, you will always buy a Moroccan table lamp that gives the room an authentic Oriental atmosphere.

How do we get our Moroccan lamps?
We buy our Moroccan lamps directly from the small factories where the lamps are made. In this way the customer is assured that there is no brokering and we are assured that we can offer an authentic, traditional product. All Moroccan lamps that we sell are handmade. Traditional materials such as copper and cold-forged brass are always used for this. We purchase as much as possible from the same producers, so that we can also guarantee a good product. In addition, our Moroccan lamps are constantly being improved by the instructions that we pass on to the makers. This way you are always guaranteed of a quality product that will last for many years.
Ten reasons to take a Moroccan lamp
There are several reasons for buying a Moroccan lamp. In fact, everyone wants such a lamp in his or her home. That is why we list the most important reasons for you. Who knows, there might soon be a beautiful Moroccan lamp in your room.

No European traditional lighting
If you are used to European lighting with lamps from the Ikea and similar manufacturers, then Moroccan lamp is something completely different. Lighting is a very important item in an interior and largely determines the atmosphere of the room. A Moroccan lamp is not just a lamp, but brings the entire space directly into Eastern atmospheres. It is the perfect touch that gives your home that distinct Mediterranean atmosphere.

Both for inside and outside
With a Moroccan lamp you might think of lighting indoors, but this lamp is also very suitable for outdoor use. These lamps are so versatile that it makes no difference whether you place them inside or outside. You can really add them to any interior. How about a beautiful Moroccan lamp on the veranda or under a patio roof? This is how you imagine yourself inside and outside of an Eastern atmosphere.

Moroccan lamps enrich the interior
Some people only use a Moroccan lamp to give an oriental atmosphere to a certain room, but in principle you can place Moroccan lamps throughout the house. This gives the entire home that Eastern touch. You can, for example, place Moroccan lamps in the kitchen, in the dining room and even in the bathroom.

You always buy quality
Handmade Moroccan lamps represent good quality. Each lamp is unique in its kind and is made by professionals who often have been practicing this profession for generations. You definitely buy a sustainable product that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Moroccan lamps are timeless
You don't have to worry about a Moroccan lamp going out of time. In terms of lighting, it is very useful all year round, but it is also an absolute added value for your interior. These products are so authentic that you can always fit them into your interior.

Moroccan lamps help you through the winter
As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, some people suffer from a winter dip. You can combat this dip very well with Moroccan lamps. By hanging one or more of these lamps, every room is attractively lit and warmed up. Just like your mind. Did you know that Moroccan lamps are also often used as wedding lighting?

Always the right amount of light
As you hear people say, too much of something is not good for you. With a Moroccan hanging lamp, the light used filters out excess light. So you always have the right amount of light in the room where the lamp is present.

Moroccan lamps fit into any interior
Whether you have a modern and sleek or a classic interior: a Moroccan lamp fits everywhere. You don't have to decorate your home or room entirely in Eastern atmospheres, so that the Moroccan lamp fits well. On the contrary, just take a lamp from Morocco and see how it fits into the interior. Success assured.

Different types and sizes
Whether you want a large chandelier hanging on the ceiling or a small lamp on your bedside table: with Moroccan lamps it is all possible. Moroccan lamps come in all kinds of different: patterns, shapes, sizes, colors and designs. There must be a lamp that fits you very well.

Can also be used thematically
With a Moroccan lamp you give extra cachet to a certain season or party. At Christmas, for example, a Moroccan lamp can very well serve as a focal point or extra decor for the Christmas decorations. Of course, there are many more themes to consider, with the Moroccan lamp as the centerpiece. This also demonstrates the versatility of these lamps.

Which lamp for the Moroccan lamp?
It makes a big difference to the atmosphere and appearance of a Moroccan lamp which lamp you use for this. Of course you want to create the right mood lighting in a certain room and that is only possible if you also use a good lamp. In principle, a Moroccan lamp always gives a warm and relaxing atmosphere. In addition, the lamp itself is often hidden by the gratings, holes or colored glass. It is therefore important to find the right lamp. It is best to go for a lamp that is clear (lumen), but also radiates heat. Below we provide a number of tips and advice for choosing the right lamp.

Sphere glass
If you opt for a convex, pear-shaped lamp (which most closely resembles our traditional incandescent lamp), choose a bright lamp and no matte. Bright lamps emit light rays that are filtered through the holes of the Moroccan lamp. This sharpens the look of the lamp and you get nice sharp shadows. Matt lamps, on the other hand, already have somewhat muted light. As a result, this light is only dimmed more by the Moroccan lamp and the lamp loses the effect it wants to emit.

Color of the lamp
Another important element of a lamp to make a Moroccan lamp come out as well as possible is the color of the light. Moroccan lamps are meant to give the room a warm look. A bright white light is therefore simply not suitable for the fixture of a Moroccan lamp. So it's best to take a lamp that emits "warm white" or "soft white" light. We recommend a lamp with 2700 - 3000 Kelvin for this. Certainly do not take bright white lamps or daylight lamps. With the right lamp, your Moroccan lamp will radiate the right warmth and softness.

The brightness of the lamp
A common misconception is that a bright lamp ensures that the entire room is brightly lit. This is just as untrue as that a warm lamp would illuminate the room badly. The heat, so the color of the lamp, is indicated in K (Kelvin). The brightness, so the strength of the lamp, is indicated in Lumen. The higher the number of Lumen, the stronger the light shines. This can be the case with any color. We already said that for a Moroccan lamp you should always opt for a warm color. On average, a lamp fits between 800 and 1100 lumens, but it is also a matter of trying.

LED lamp or not?
From an environmental point of view, it is by far the best to use an LED lamp. LED lamps are energy efficient and last a very long time. An LED lamp actually consists of a lot of small lamps (filaments) and these provide a lot of diffused light. As a result, the most characteristic element of the Moroccan lamp, the shade, is not properly reflected. The shadows are simply not shown bright enough with an LED lamp. That is why it is better for a Moroccan lamp to opt for a halogen lamp. Do you really prefer an LED light? Then look for LED lamps with as few filaments as possible.

Which lamp do we recommend?
There are various suitable lamps for a Moroccan lamp. If you follow our guidelines a bit, you will often come a long way. In this case you take a clear halogen lamp of 2700 - 3000 Kelvin and 800 - 1100 Lumen. There are various types of these lamps on the market. The Eco Halogen lamp is highly recommended for us. This lamp perfectly meets the requirements that a Moroccan lamp requires to create the right atmosphere.
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