Luxury Towels, Hammam Towels

of the Turkish Bathhouses

The purest Turkish Cotton. Hand-woven in Turkey. Lightweight shawls to luxury, heavier Turkish towels by the double fiber, which is unique to the Turkish cotton absorb more water than regular cotton, or as much, but in a much lighter fabric. The dual fiber hammam towel dries quickly.

Details of The Turkish Hamam Towels & Linens

The Ghalia Hammam Towels are inspired by the Turkish hammam culture . The ranges vary from light to hearty heavy cloths . All linens and Pestemals Hammam ( Turkish bath towels ) are provided with fringes on the short sides and measure approximately 100 by 170 centimetres, more than generous so .

The hammam cloth is available in several colors . The hammam towels are made ​​from 100 % unbleached cotton and feel very soft . Easy to wash and dry very quickly . Moreover, they take up little space , they are lightweight and therefore easy to carry on a trip .

Ghalia Hammam cloths

are used for multiple purposes . To be used as a shawl , towel, beach towel , picnic blanket , or even as a summer blanket for the baby .
All our Hammam towels are handwoven . Every Turkish towel is unique because they are handmade .
The Cloth Hamam ( Turkish Hanndoek )
The hammam towel ( or pestemal peshtemal ) is originally from Turkey . In the bathhouse ( hammam ) or sauna hammam towels are used as a shawl and / or dry cloth.

Ghalia hammam towels are made ​​from the finest cotton , great sauna towel or bath towel because they are absorbent . Even if the hammam towel beach towel is excellent to use . The hammam cloth is thin , flexible , lightweight and dries quickly .

Hammam sauna cloth fabric is also perfect to take along on trips. It is much lighter than a regular towel and takes up less space in your luggage . The hammam cloth is ideal to take to the beach , pool or traveling along ...

Hammam towels are also wonderful fabrics for babies. Due to the hydrophilic cotton tyhe dry well. The hammam towel is a fun and original baby shower gift .

Take your hammam towel to a party , awfully trendy and convenient but also ideal if you want to chill nice . Equally Skip to as pareo to resume the party or fold it as small package in your bag .

The Benefits of a Hammam Cloth

* Turkish Towels , Nice to see
* Hamam Towels , Trendy and fashionable colors
* Turkish Hamam Towels , Thin and light , so easy to carry
* Ideal to take to sauna , swimming pool and day out with
* Turkish Towels Take a lot of moisture
* Hamam Towels are quick drying and easy to wash

The Ghalia hamam towel is nice , versatile and functional !