Moroccan-lamps-some context

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Moroccan rugs, origins and method

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Moroccan rugs, where do they come from? How are they made? The most beautiful carpets in the world are probably from Morocco. They have been woven there for centuries and they look beautiful with unique patterns and colors. A real Moroccan carpet is therefore in no living room. The popularity of authentic Moroccan rugs has increased enormously in recent years. We are therefore very happy that we can offer these rugs and other Moroccan textiles in our webshop. The history of Moroccan rugs In the eighth century AD the first Berber tribes settled in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. This is where the tradition of self-weaving and knotting carpets begins. The Berbers use these rugs as protection against the cold and moisture. In the Atlas Mountains, covered with snow in some places, it can be quite cold. The long hairs of the rugs...

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