Egyptian-Oriental-standing table and floor lamps

Are usually shaped as an onion provided with power cord with switch (2 meters)

Material: cold forged brass, silver plated. Patterns and holes are punched by hand. This oriental lamps are available with patterns or thousands of holes of various sizes. All lamps were made with great care and and brought to Europe by Ghalia to offer oriental lighting can.

This Egyptian lamp for table or floor developed from the oriental filigree technique that is used in jewelry craft often, and now you will find in this lamp.

This standing variant of Oriental filigree lamp fits perfectly on the floor, in a corner or on a low table or a low dresser. This Egyptian floor lamp is supplied with cable and switch.

Material: cold forged brass, plated. Patterns and holes are punched by hand. The lamps project through thousands of small holes a beautiful play of light on the ceiling and wall. By using different lamps can be a very playful or precisely a very diffuse shadow are projected.

These Egyptian lamps for centuries of tradition, passed down from generation to generation, made in small workshops of artisans in the souks and medinas of Egyptian cities. "Filigree" is a much used term for these lamps. Ghalia brings these lamps under its own brand on the market.

Oriental floor lamps are provided with a socket (E27) and power cord with switch (2 meters). By using a halogen, savings or conventional bulbs, the projection lamp of the Egyptian Ghalia on wall, table or floor looks sharp or diffuse.