The Oriental Egyptian Pendant Lamps

Feature colorless cabling and an E27 or E14 socket, the chain is about 65 cm. The smaller sizes Oriental Hanging lamps are not equipped with a chain, but are attached by means of a strain relief for the wiring for a minimalist effect. Oriental, Oriental, Egyptian and Moroccan Ghalia Hanging lamps come in various shapes, sizes and motifs. Hang solitary or cluster the lights at different heights for a dramatic effect. Align them with three adjacent primary as decorative lighting above a spacious dining area.

The Oriental filigree lamps

Projecting through the thousands of pin holes a beautiful play of light on ceiling and wall. This Egyptian Oriental lamps are manufactured in small workshops in the Souk and Medina's of the Egyptian cities. Filigree is a common term for these lamps, Oriental lamps from the Ghalia brand are made of copper or brass and silver plating. The Oriental filigree hanging lamps are a jewel in your interior.

Opening at the bottom
(nearly)All Ghalia Oriental Hanging lamps have an opening at the bottom (round) to enable you to make to change a light bulb but also to have some light directly. This is not always clear to see in the product pictures, but is indeed the case!