Oriental Moroccan Cushions & Poufs

Various Moroccan cushions and seat cushions that bring even more oriental atmosphere in your home. Colourful accessories for your interior. Pillows, cushions and ottomans.

The collection is constantly changing. The products come not just from Morocco but also from other oriental countries.


Ghalia Moroccan Cushions

Best Moroccan cushions and seat cushions that bring even more oriental atmosphere in your home. Buy colourful Pillows, Cushions and Ottomans at Ghalia.

the oriental atmosphere in an instant

The atmosphere in an interior is easier to change with the help of a few accessories. You can give a Dutch house an oriental atmosphere in an instant with cushions, ottomans or ottomans.

Like most people, do you have an inconspicuous solid couch? Throw in a pile of coloured oriental decorative cushions and transform your room.
Instead of a side table, use an oriental ottoman or ottoman with a beautiful silver tray on it to breathe new life into your interior.
Create a spiritual space in the guest room with a warm rug and a pile of pillows on it. Moroccan ottomans are also nice and comfortable to sit on while meditating.
Do you want to give a terrace or balcony a cosy atmosphere on warm summer evenings? Oriental floor cushions and ottomans are easy to move and in a few minutes transform an outdoor space into a thousand-and-one night seat, where you can receive guests. Add a few Eastern lanterns to complete the romantic and fairy-tale atmosphere.
Oriental decorative cushions, floor cushions and seat cushions
In our collection, we have embroidered pillows with floral patterns with pompoms or tassels. These cushions easily become an extra focal point in your interior and steal the show. The following always applies to an Eastern atmosphere: the more cushions, the better. Especially if you dress a room where there is no further furniture. A stack of floor cushions on a rug is just as comfortable as a sofa and have endless possibilities. But we also have pillows in calm colours with geometric patterns woven into the cotton for a more complementary role in an existing décor. If you are looking for new fresh accents in your room, look at our woven pillows. With a matching Moroccan ottoman and rug, you can easily add new accents and give your room a new summer atmosphere.

Oriental ottomans
Our Oriental ottomans are made from cotton that is dyed by hand. The geometric patterns are carefully woven into it. The Moroccan pouffes have a lot of options. They are not only comfortable as an extra seat, a meditation place, or as a footstool with your easy chair or couch but also handy as a side table, with one of our silver or bronze trays on it. With matching oriental seat cushions and possibly carpet with the same pattern and colour you complete the cheerful and sunny oriental atmosphere.

Honest, authentic and unique products
Our oriental cushions and ottomans are honest products that come directly from the makers. They are made from natural and recycled materials such as wool and cotton by artisans in Morocco, but also other Eastern countries such as India, Turkey and Egypt. By importing them directly from the makers, you not only get authentic oriental cushions and ottomans, but you also help the local economy.

All our cushions and ottomans are only purchased once and are therefore unique. If you don't see the colours or patterns you are looking for, please come back to Ghalia.nl, because our collection changes regularly. If you see exactly what you are looking for, order quickly, because unique products mean that you will no longer find the same. For the oriental pillows, Moroccan pillows and Kelim pillows, there is always a prerequisite!