Ibiza meets Morocco, with the Moroccan Berber rugs of Ghalia Oriental Design

Moroccan interior items have been completely hot in recent years. Oriental lamps, pillows and Moroccan rugs are very popular. The Moroccan rugs also called Berber carpets or Beni Ouarain rugs fit perfectly in a hip (i) e bohemian or just a nice sleek and modern interior. The Berber carpets are all unique carpets made from sheep wool. They are made by hand by the local residents (mostly Berber women) of Morocco. The Berber rugs are provided with different motifs and each motif also has a special meaning. Because the rugs are made by hand, each rug is unique in both size and design. You also get something special at home.

In Ibiza you can often find the Berber rugs in the layout of beautiful hip (i) fincas, with a great bohemian decor, but also in the Netherlands the carpets are now completely in. In the well-known living magazines, you see them regularly come over. And the demand for these unique (often antique) rugs is increasing.


remove_red_eye Moroccan Beni Ouarain Berber rug Anis

Great heavy quality Beni Ouarain 250 x 180

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€ 599,00
remove_red_eye Moroccan Beni Ouarain Berber rug Razi

Great heavy quality Beni Ouarain 250 x 190

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€ 750,00
remove_red_eye Moroccan Beni Ouarain Berber rug Safeh

Great heavy quality Beni Ouarain 250 x 180

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€ 699,00

Original Beni Ouarain carpets from Morocco buy online

Ghalia has been selling beautiful oriental lamps and colourful cushions from Morocco and Egypt for more than 5 years. The Moroccan carpets are a nice addition to the range. Ghalia considers corporate social responsibility to be of paramount importance and therefore the unique Beni Ouarain carpets are purchased through local reliable traders in Morocco, where they are in direct contact, so that they know for certain that the money will end up in the right places. The local merchants have good contacts with the inhabitants of the Berber villages and thus know to buy the most beautiful carpets from the local residents. The different carpets are collected in Morocco and before they come to the Netherlands they are first carefully washed and dried and if necessary in some places also recovered.

The carpets are often woven by the Berber women from a very good quality sheep wool. The patterns they in joint often symbolize the life of the woman who makes the carpet, think of: faith, love, nature and for example the birth of the children. And sometimes the carpets also contain lucky symbols to bring prosperity, happiness and well-being. The carpets are next to a great eye-catcher in your interior also really functional; In the winter they are wonderfully soft and warm on your feet and summery soft and cool and besides that, the symbolic value is also very beautiful.

No longer you have to travel to Morocco yourself or even look for an oriental home in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, you can now easily order them online from your own living room at Ghalia.