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Quality Moroccan and Oriental Lamps by Ghalia Home Accessories

Ghalia Home Accessories

Has its origin s out of love for the typical 

Egyptian Lighting, Egyptian lighting, Moroccan lamps and the fairy lights created in filigree style. This

 oriental lighting is hand made workshop work with many hundreds or even thousands of pin holes through which the Oriental Lamps create such a beautiful play of light and give their impressive projection. From the day of our first visit to the Medina's and souks of Egypt and Morocco. We fell in love with the wonderful handcraft of these attractive Arabian lamps.

The Ghalia range

Ghalia is happy to help everyone realize their dream with a beautiful Oriental lamp or Moroccan Pendant.
Whether it's a subtle oriental touch, a big statement by a majestic Moroccan lamp or a full oriental interior.
Ghalia is the expert in this and offers various oriental living items, from imposing chandeliers, beautiful Moroccan lamps to a subtle and atmospheric Moroccan Candle holder or Votive or an Egyptian lamp.

With a beautiful Oriental lamp

You increase the atmosphere in your living room, bedroom or anywhere in the house. Such a lamp quickly gives you the idea that you are in a real Eastern souk. On the Ghalia website, you can choose from different types of mysterious Eastern lamps and Moroccan lamps. The great thing is that you do not even have to negotiate the price J because it is directly there. We take you into the wonderful world of Arabian lamps. We explain how they are made, what typical characteristics are and what models there are.

The Making

Of a Moroccan/Arabic lamp is still a traditional craft. In small workshops, in cities such as Cairo (Egypt), we have seen with our own eyes how these lamps are created.
The employees are usually illiterate professionals who have been practicing this profession for generations. Although it is true craftsmanship, these people can barely make ends meet by selling their lamps. Every Moroccan lamp is made entirely manually from the beginning to the end of the creation process. We pay a fair price to the supplier for our products. Because there is no brokering, Ghalia can offer these Moroccan lamps on the website for a good price. You recognize the manual work through imperfections and a non-constant pattern in the lamp. The products have an organic look of the 1001 nights products because of that and it is precisely that detail that makes them so special. Yes, you can also buy an 'oriental lamp' for less money, but they are really much less appealing because of their mechanical character. Check our YouTube channel for some more insight.

Ghalia Oriental table lamps

The Filigrain table lamps that we purchase are made of cold-forged brass and are then silver-plated. These lamps are available in various forms. This is how we sell: onion-shaped models, columns and models with small legs. All lamps are characterized by the so-called "filigree technique".
This means that thousands of holes ensure that a beautiful diffused light is created. Of course, an Oriental table lamp does not have to stand alone on a table. My Oriental table lamps also look great on a (night) cupboard or just on the floor. Experiment yourself with the appearance of Egyptian lamps by placing them in different places. By placing several lamps you can also create beautiful effects. The possibilities with Ghalia Moroccan lamps are endless. 

Ghalia Oriental hanging lamps

The Egyptian pendant lamps that you can buy on the website, almost all have an opening in the bottom with a diameter of 15/20 centimeters. This not only makes replacing the lamp simple, but it also creates a bright light with a beautiful play of light. The Ghalia Egyptian Pendants are of course also made using filigree technology. These lamps contain 1500 to 6000 small holes that provide a diffuse and atmospheric light. Ghalia Moroccan hanging lights are easy to attach. A chain is supplied with every lamp so that you can easily hang the lamp on the ceiling. With the smaller hanging lamps, the cord itself is enough to attach the lamp. Ghalia Arabian hanging Lights are also available in different models. They are for example in a spherical shape, onion shape or as a UFO.

Which light bulbs can you use?

Every Ghalia Oriental lamp and all Ghalia Moroccan lamps have a small (E14) or large (E27) fitting. In the past, traditional light bulbs and energy-saving bulbs were used a lot, but that time is over. Nowadays it is best to choose a halogen or an LED bulb. The advantage of an LED bulb is that it is very energy efficient. The disadvantage is that it cannot express the atmosphere exactly as an ECO Halogen bulb can, which we therefore recommend for the most beautiful projection of the oriental lights.

East and west, best at home with Egyptian Lighting from Ghalia

Beautiful Moroccan lamps, Arabic and Moroccan pillows, Oriental lamps from Ghalia Home
Find yourself in an oriental atmosphere Add colour, atmosphere and contrast to your interior with the most beautiful handmade oriental lamps and living items from Ghalia Home
Ghalia Home originated from the love for Eastern and Moroccan lamps. The beautiful fairy tale lanterns and Egyptian filigree pendants with hundreds or even thousands of holes transform every space into an Arabic 1001 nights dream world.

Dreams come true with an Oriental lamp

The owner of Ghalia, Dietwin, became fascinated by the beautiful play of light - caused by the special design of the Moroccan lighting - during his first visits to the Medina and souks (bazaar) of Egypt and Morocco. These oriental lamps sparked his entrepreneurial dream.
He dreamed of enriching many homes, interiors and lives with these beautiful oriental lamps - and he succeeded. With Eastern Lamps and Moroccan lamps, unique Eastern home accessories, Ghalia has been fulfilling various home dreams for more than 10 years now.

From oriental ceiling lights to Moroccan trays

Imagine yourself in an oriental atmosphere with beautiful ceiling lights and oriental wall lamps or serve the tastiest dishes or delicious tea on a typical Moroccan or Turkish tray. The Ghalia range is diverse and extensive.
Be inspired by the beautiful oriental home furnishings, such as filigree candle holders, oriental table lamps or Moroccan trays, oriental pouffes and ottomans and rugs and many more oriental home accessories. Completely transform your own interior or give your living room a subtle Arabic touch.

You can find the nicest oriental living gifts at Ghalia

Are you looking for a nice interior gift? The extensive range of Ghalia has endless fun gift options. Congratulate someone on his or her new home with beautiful oriental candle holders, candle stands or a unique lamp? Rejoice someone with a nice Indian dress or a Moroccan ottoman?
Did you go on holiday to Egypt or Morocco? Get the best memories and return to the Medina and bazaar. Rejoice your partner, family, friend or girlfriend with the most beautiful handmade oriental living items.

Increase your (living) convenience with the Ghalia online web shop

Order the oriental lights and interior items directly online. The beautiful Moroccan and Arabic lighting and oriental interior items can easily be ordered online and can be delivered throughout the Netherlands. Order your Arabic home accessories online for optimal (home) convenience!
You no longer have to enter London, Paris, Moscow, Canberra or New York to get hold of the beautiful oriental lamps. You can easily realize your oriental dream in Ghalia's online web shop, full of oriental lighting and oriental living items - simply and easily from your home!

Live is Ghalia!

Customization/made to order

Have you seen a beautiful Egyptian Light on a beautiful trip in North Africa, did you go diving in Egypt and saw something crazy in the Souk, or did you see something beautiful in a magazine and is it not in the Ghalia Collection? Virtually every shape and drawing is possible, and Ghalia can also supply a customized finish and decoration. Go to our Contact page and drop us a note.

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