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Quality Moroccan and Oriental Lamps by Ghalia Home Accessories

Ghalia Home Accessories

has it’s origin s out of love for the typical

Oriental lamps, Egyptian lamps, Moroccan lamps and the fairy lights created in filigree style.

This oriental lighting is hand made workshop work with many hundreds or even thousands of pin holes through which the Oriental lamps create such a beautiful play of light and give their impressive projection. From the day of our first visit to the Medina’s and souks of Egypt and Morocco, we fell in love with this wonderful craft of these attractive oriental lamps.

Oriental Lamps and lighting as an economic pulse

About 10 years later Ghalia Home Accessories is now the place for oriental lighting, the Egyptian lamps, Moroccan lamps and oriental lamps online. Ghalia brings these gems to Europa under its own brand. By cutting out the middle man a fair price is paid to the maker, whilst keeping the retail price reasonable. Ghalia aims to give a contribution to the growth of the Local economy who often need it so desperately. All products by Ghalia are produced in a sustainable manner and are handmade. A variety of Lights: Arabic lamps, Egyptian lamps, oriental lamps, Moroccan hanging lamps and the famous filigree lamps. These lamps go often by various names:

  • Filigree lamps
  • Arab lamps
  • Moroccan lamp (also spelled as: Moroccan lamp)
  • Hanging lamp oriental
  • Mosaic Lamp
  • Pestemals
  • Moroccan hanging lamp
  • Oriental hanging lamp
  • Juteteppiche and rugs
  • Moroccan sconces
  • Oriental Sconces
  • Oriental trays
  • Oriental candle holder
  • Moroccan Lantern
  • Oriental Lantern
  • Turkish Towels

These Oriental lamps are made of copper or brass and plated in silver or gold. An oriental and Moroccan lamp, with its typical light is a welcome addition to any interior. The candle holders have the same properties as the oriental lamps and are therefore a valuable addition to our collection.

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remove_red_eye Oriental candle holder Bibi (set of 3)

Egyptian handmade lantern of about 35 cm high and 18 centimeters in diameter.

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remove_red_eye Oriental Floor Lamp Eufrait L

Egyptian filigree Floor Lamp Euprhait L Standing Egyptian filigree Floor Lamp, type Eufrait in Size L (23cm Diam) Plated copper-wired with cord and switch. With a CFL bulb gives this story a di...

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€ 139,00
€ 129,00
€ 129,00